About us

We make it easier for people to get started in the world of digital finance

EveryFin is an aggregation platform of Web3 services (principally DeFi) intended for retail customers to manage digital money

This includes the full suite of services starting from transferring traditional money, or „fiat money“, into crypto and back, effecting payments and transfers, investing into DeFi products such as staking, lending or investing into crypto indices, as well as basic trading. The platform is non-custodial, pay-per-use and simple to navigate with a focus on the best user experience. The available DeFi investments are curated by EveryFin with considerations given to security and user protection. EveryFin’s mission is to create trust in digital money by giving everyone access and making it simple to use.

Our Vision
Where are we going?

Hope, Ambition

Make digital money equally accessible to everyone

Our Mission
What do we do? Who do we do it for?

Motivation, Purpose

Create trust in digital money by enabling access for everyone and making it simple to use.

Our Values
What do we stand for?

Ethics, Principles, Beliefs

Simplicity, Fairness, Openness, Independence & Safety.



pleasant user experience



low cost



open for partnerships
mobility of money



decentralized, autonomy



Peter Miescher
Peter is one of the founders and current CEO and Chairman of EveryFin. He is passionate about the opportunity to democratize the financial system through Web3.
Stefan Höchle
Co-Founder/Product Manager
Co-Founder of CVJ.ch
Stefan is one of the founders and currently serves as an advisor to EveryFin. His background in traditional finance as well as his experience in the DeFi industry will support the company in the development of the platform.
Yves Brise
Co-Founder/Board Member
Partner at ipt Consulting
Yves is one of the founders and currently acts as a Board Member and an advisor to EveryFin. His technical background is reinforced with project management skills that will guide the company to develop our software.
Patrick Keller
UI/UX Lead at Google
Patrick is one of the founders and currently acts as an advisor to EveryFin. His background in psychology, Customer and User Experience guides the company to design simple UIs for the best experience.
Roger Darin
Board Member
Advisor Digital Assets at Incore Bank
Mark C. Reinold
Christian Bächler
Founder at Baechler.co
Claire Millward
Head of Marketing
Vitalii Dylovyi
Front End Developer
Aleks Marchenko
Dev Ops
Oleg Serbinov
Smart Contract Developer
Oleksandra Burkova
Creative Designer
Next time the dinner conversation turns to crypto, tell your family members and friends to use EveryFin.

FAQ - About

What is EveryFin
First, EveryFin is a Swiss IT company governed by Swiss laws and regulations. Second, EveryFin is a platform that allows you to get started with crypto-currencies. EveryFin’s mission is to create trust in digital money by enabling access for everyone and making it simple to use. We want to aggregate use cases to make digital currencies truly useful in everyday life. With transparency and simplicity, EveryFin empowers you to take your own decisions about your money and your future.
What types of fees are there?
  • Gateway Fee: This is the cost to transfer traditional currency to digital currency. So called Fiat Gateways are typically expensive due to the costs of compliance.
  • Network Fee: This is the cost to transact on the blockchain. Every transaction on the blockchain has a network fee, but it is typically very low.
  • Exchange Rate: This is the conversion rate between the (traditional) currency you convert and the (digital) currency you want to receive.
  • EveryFin Fee: EveryFin charges a flat USD 1 (or equivalent) for any transfers that happen on the EveryFin platform. Fiat on/off and your rewards carry no fee, only deposits, withdrawals, swaps and transfers out.
Is this legal?
Yes. EveryFin and all of its partners are operating legally and observe all applicable laws and regulations. Regulations are still evolving, however, and we strive to keep up and adjust our operations accordingly.
How is my data protected?
First of all, you do not need to provide any information to EveryFin except your email address. Our partners, especially fiat gateways, will require your personal information and possibly a copy of your ID and more. This is required by law, when transferring fiat money. Second, your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. Our cloud service provider ensures that the data is safe and acts according to best security practices.
Is my data private?
No. While EveryFin does not share any user data with anyone ever, all your transactions are stored on the blockchain, which is a public ledger and accessible by anyone. However, your name cannot be easily associated with your wallet address, so there is a degree of anonymity. We recommend setting up several wallets, for example one for transfers and one for savings.
Is this sustainable?
There has been much debate about the ecological footprint of blockchains. While proof of work blockchains, like Bitcoin, require substantial electricity to operate, a lot of effort goes into greening of energy sources. With proof of stake blockchains, like Avalanche or Ethereum, the energy requirements are minimal and have a negligible, non-material impact on the environment.
Is there an EveryFin coin?
No, EveryFin does not have its own token or coin.