EveryFin App

The easiest way to manage your digital currencies

EveryFin is a platform that brings together the best financial services on the blockchain

We make it as easy as possible for anyone to manage digital money, starting with the exchange of traditional money and helping you be at ease with your digital wallet. You can transfer money globally via blockchain anytime and invest with minimal fees. You can start your savings plan with virtually any amount in any currency. Pay only for the transactions you make.

Signing up and creating a wallet is instant and free.

EveryFin integrates with the best on the blockchain

MetaMask is the most used wallet provider. Easily set up a wallet in your EveryFin account and start transferring funds from your credit card or bank account in a few simple steps.
Ramp Network is a fiat on-ramp that converts traditional money to digital money in over 150 countries.
Avalanche Network is a growing blockchain that focuses on fast transactions at low fees.
Aave is the first blockchain lending protocol and one with the best track record.
BenQi is the biggest staking protocol on Avalanche.
TraderJoe is the biggest decentralized exchange for crypto currencies on Avalanche and also features NFTs.
EveryFin is committed to integrating more first class partners to improve your experience and safety.

Protect your savings and earn rewards

Swap: Simply trade into another currency.
Transfer: Transfer your digital money safely, cheaply and immediately whenever you want.
Stake: Earn transaction fees from the blockchain network.
Lend: Earn interest by lending out your digital money.

User Interface

A lean and simple user interface guarantees a smooth and successful experience by providing you a holistic overview of your actions at your fingertips.

Manage your digital money the easy way with EveryFin

What does EveryFin do differently?

EveryFin brings the benefits of the blockchain to regular users. We further provide best practice guidance with regards to security, self-custody and user protection. Besides truly owning, protecting and transferring your digital money, EveryFin shows you straight-forward ways to invest in digital assets, like simply storing your savings in a US Dollar stablecoin and earning interest. Simple does it best.

What motivates us?

EveryFin’s mission is to create trust in digital money by enabling access for everyone and making it simple to use. We want to aggregate use cases to make digital currencies truly useful in everyday life. With transparency and simplicity, EveryFin wants to empower you to take your own decisions about your money and your future.

Initial Roadmap

  • Desktop & Mobile app
  • Soft wallet
  • Wallet Connect
  • Fiat on via credit card
  • Avalanche
  • Staking, Lending, Swaps, Transfers
  • Reporting
  • Web support
  • Multi-language
  • Hardware wallets
  • Fiat on via banks
  • Fiat off & payments
  • NFTs
  • Cost-averaging
  • Index Trackers
  • Enhanced support
  • Additional languages
  • Multi-wallet
  • Bridging
  • Ethereum
  • Additional DeFi integrations
  • Advanced platform features
  • Advanced security integrations
  • Advanced support

Return on investment examples we provide on our app

You convert
100 USDC (or equivalent)
Estimated Fees
  • Protocol Fee: 0.25% (0.25 USDC)
  • Network Fee: 0.25 USDC
  • EveryFin Fee: ~0.05 (USDC/AVAX)
  • Exchange Rate: 1.000
You receive
97.30 AVAX
You transfer
100 USDC
Estimated Fees
  • Network Fee: USD 0.20
  • EveryFin Fee: USD 1.00
3rd Party receives
98.80 USDC
You lend
100 USDC
Estimated Fees
  • Protocol Fee: 0.25% (0.25 USDC)
  • Network Fee: 0.20 USD (0.01 AVAX)
  • EveryFin Fee: 1.00 USDC
Your deposit
98.95 USDC
You earn
APY of up to about 5% per year
You stake
5 AVAX (about USD 100)
Estimated Fees
  • Protocol Fee: 0.25% (0.0125 AVAX)
  • Network Fee: 0.20 USD (0.01 AVAX)
  • EveryFin Fee: 1.00 USDC (Fee in AVAX, if AVAX is staked: 0.05 AVAX)
Your deposit
4.9275 AVAX
You earn
7–10% per year, paid out or compounded weekly

Fees explained

Network Fee: This is the cost to transact on the blockchain. Every transaction on the blockchain has a network fee, but it is typically very low.
Exchange Rate: This is the conversion rate between the (traditional) currency you convert and the (digital) currency you want to receive.
EveryFin Fee: EveryFin charges a flat USD 1 (or equivalent) for any transfers that happen on the EveryFin platform. Fiat on/off and your rewards carry no EveryFin fee, only deposits, withdrawals, swaps and transfers out.
Next time the dinner conversation turns to crypto, tell your family members and friends to use EveryFin.

FAQ - App

How do I log in to my EveryFin account?
If you have already created an account with EveryFin, click on Log In and enter your email address and password. If you have not yet created an account with EveryFin, please click on Sign Up and follow the steps explained during the sign-up process.
How do I unlock my wallet?
Once you logged in to your EveryFin account, select Unlock Wallet and enter the password for your wallet. For safety reasons, this should be a different password to your EveryFin account password.
How do I transfer fiat money to my wallet?
Once you have created an EveryFin account and a wallet, select Transfers and chose to transfer fiat money either via credit card or directly from your bank account (via SEPA, wire, or similar). Please follow the steps to and provide some personal information. This is necessary due to globally applicable regulations for money transfers. Please note that there are also daily, monthly and annual maximum limits to convert fiat money into digital money. These limits can be adjusted up to the maximum if you provide additional information about yourself to the fiat gateway.
How do I transfer digital money back to my bank account?
Converting digital money back to fiat money is a feature that our fiat gateway is working on. It will be live soon.
How do I transfer digital money?
If you want to send digital money to someone, the easiest is to scan the QR code of their wallet. Otherwise, the recipient should send you the wallet address to which you should send the tokens. Copy the address into the Beneficiary field and follow the process steps on the screen. Please note that all transfers on the blockchain are final and cannot be revoked once submitted.
What are the operating hours for transferring and investing?
You can transact on the blockchain anytime, anyday. All services and markets are always open.