Simplifying Digital Money


EveryFin is for everyone. It’s the easiest platform to get you started with crypto-currencies. We make it simple. You get the benefits.

What is EveryFin & why is it good for you?

EveryFin is a platform that allows you to get started with cryptocurrencies. You will be guided through a pre-selection of products and services in an easy way. Take your finances into your own hands and let EveryFin be the gateway to manage your digital money. We never have any access to your money, but we will show you how it‘s done with a preselection of the best products. Sign up for free and take control of your money today.

Who are we?

EveryFin is a Swiss IT company governed by Swiss laws and regulations (X) that is passionate about bringing the benefits of decentralized finance on the blockchain to you. We want to enable everyone to have easy access to low cost cross-border transfers and rewarding financial opportunities. EveryFin believes we are headed for a more open, inclusive and accessible financial system for the world. We are a part of this vision.

… interested in crypto currencies, but don’t know where to start?

EveryFin provides easy access to digital money in a safe and transparent way. Let us guide you through the process and explain you every step along the way.

… curious about crypto currencies, but don’t know who to trust?

EveryFin never has access to your money and helps you to stay safe. Let us give you advice on how to safely navigate Web3.

… frustrated by high fees and limited service?

EveryFin has no hidden fees. Transfer money 24/7 globally via the blockchain and invest at the lowest cost, or collect some NFTs.

Our App

The easiest way to manage your digital currencies

EveryFin is a platform that brings together the best decentralized financial services on the blockchain. We make it as easy as possible for anyone to manage digital money, starting with the exchange of traditional money and helping you be at ease with your digital wallet. With EveryFin, you can transfer money globally via blockchain anytime and invest with minimal fees. You can start earning additional income with virtually any amount in any currency. Pay only for the transactions you make.

Signing up and creating a wallet is instant and free.

Clean User Interface

Simple structure


As blockchains are still evolving rapidly, EveryFin will monitor developments and inform you about safety threats.


Self-custody means that only you can control your digital money and no one else. Unlike with a traditional bank account, EveryFin never has any access to your digital money. Only you do.

User Protection

As part of user protection, EveryFin focuses on pre-selecting
established service providers with a best-in-class track record. There are safer investment options in crypto. We find them.

Next time the dinner conversation turns to crypto, tell your family members and friends to use EveryFin.


What is EveryFin
First, EveryFin is a Swiss IT company governed by Swiss laws and regulations. Second, EveryFin is a platform that allows you to get started with crypto-currencies. EveryFin’s mission is to create trust in digital money by enabling access for everyone and making it simple to use. We want to aggregate use cases to make digital currencies truly useful in everyday life. With transparency and simplicity, EveryFin empowers you to take your own decisions about your money and your future.
Is this legal?
Yes. EveryFin and all of its partners are operating legally and observe all applicable laws and regulations. Regulations are still evolving, however, and we strive to keep up and adjust our operations accordingly.
Is there an EveryFin coin?
No, EveryFin does not have its own token or coin.
How do I log in to my EveryFin account?
If you have already created an account with EveryFin, click on Log In and enter your email address and password. If you have not yet created an account with EveryFin, please click on Sign Up and follow the steps explained during the sign-up process.
What is a wallet?
A wallet is like a bank account and the wallet address is like your bank account number. A wallet holds all your digital assets. Creating a wallet is free and lets you transact on the blockchain.
What is a private key?
Every wallet address has a private key. With a private key, any wallet address can be restored and unlocked. In other words, your private key is your ultimate access to your digital assets. Never share your private key with anyone. Never ever!